Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Tips for Buying the Right Prescription Glasses

Nowadays, you can buy prescription glasses online or offline. Many people manage to save money by purchasing the prescription glasses on the internet. Before you can buy the prescription glasses online, you have to get a prescription from the local optometrist. You need to enter the details of your prescription during the procedure of making the eyeglass.
When buying prescription glasses online, make sure you determine the add ons you want. After that, you can visit several stores and get the price for the exact same model. You should buy from the store that offers the cheapest price. Different stores many offer different types of frames.
Some of the common jargons that you will encounter when buying the glasses online include OD, OS, sphere, cylinder, axis, and prism. The OD refers to the prescription for the right eyes while the OS is the prescription for the left eyes. The axis refers to the degree of the astigmatism, with a value range of between 1 and 100. ADD is used for bifocals or progressive lenses. ADD has a value of up to 5. Most of the online glasses do not have a prism measurement.
It is easy to become confuse with the SPH and CYL positive and negative values. Single lens glasses will require the Sph and papillary distance. If the existing prescription did not include the papillary distance, you can make a phone call to your optometrist and ask them to provide you a free PD measurement. Alternatively, you can visit a local optometrist to have him measure it. If you ask a local optometrist to measure it, you will have to pay a small fee. If you want to save money, you can measure it yourself. The Add measure is for people that are purchasing the progressive lens. The sph, cyl and add are written in decimals form.
Customer should perform price comparison to reduce the cost of the prescription glasses. The best way to compare the prices is to use the price comparison search engine. The price comparison search engine will list the prices of the spectacle model which you search for and the name of the retailer. By looking at the prices in the table, you will be able to find out which online store is offering the cheapest prescription glasses. Online eyeglass store has made it possible for people with busy schedule to purchase the eyeglass. In addition, you will be able to save petrol fee because you don’t have to visit the store


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