Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Buy Men’s Glasses?

When people plan to buy men’s glasses, the first step is to choose a proper eyeglass frame. As for style, choosing a right men’s glasses frame for a man’s face depends upon how different frames compliment man’s facial structure. Men’s glasses frames are very important for men’s appearances.
People can choose different metal shades for the arms of men’s glasses, generally, silver or gray is the most popular option. Of course, some men would like to look more brisk, then he can choose some other color of glasses frames such as blue. If you like high quality men’s glasses, memory titanium frame if your best choice. People can bend memory titanium frame back and forth as they wish, another advantage of this kind of men’s glasses is that the arms can literally mold to people’s faces and ears, and make you feel more comfortable while wearing glasses.
The anti reflection lenses are the suitable lens available to men’s glasses. People with strong glasses prescription can even choose thinner higher index lenses for men’s glasses with anti reflective coating for the perfect appearances. Also, you’d better choose progressive lenses or bifocal glasses if you are over 40 years old.
In general, the most appropriate shape of men’s glasses frames is opposite of people’s facial shapes. For instance, softer, fuller faces better with sharper edged eyeglass frames. Suitable men’s glasses can properly fit to men’s looks. Choosing proper men’s glasses should take into account of the situation that our faces are not always in perfect symmetrical, and people had better to make sure men’s glasses rest evenly on ears and that they cross people’s eyebrows at the same level to avoid a seesaw effect.


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at you keep for (up to) five days and then return via UPS using their return shipping label, all for FREE. If you choose a pair, you order your choice online. The basic frames (the majority) all cost $95, including (non-prescription) lenses.
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