Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Choose Fashion Glasses Frames

 People have many choices when they buy eyeglass frames, and people always like to choose the fashion glasses frames. There are kinds of glasses frames now, devided by frames shape, material, and color.
There are some tips for you to choose a pair of suitable eyeglasses frames:
First, you should make sure what kind of face shape you are. If your face is round , you should choose an eyeglass frame that can make your face look long. And the slim or narrow glasses frames are suitable for squared faces. You can try as many times as you like, try the eyeglasses frames, if you do not like, change another one, until you find your best.
Secondly, your face color and glasses frames color also should be taken into consideration. You’d better get the point which color match your face well. Just the same skills: try, try, try…, until you feel the glass frame mathches your face color well.
Thirdly, pick up the right eyeglass frame size is also very important. If you get a too huge one which can cover your face, it is not good looking. Too small is also uncomfortable for you. So choose the proper frame to wear.
Finally, the eyeglasses frame material is very important for you. Some kinds of materials are very light and suit your face skin. Plastic frames is a common material which is suitable for children, because they are cheap, and there are so many colors. And bendable titanium frames are the good choice for the people who need bendable frames. If you like a frame that you look like you do not wear it, rimless frames are you best choice. If you want to wear a light frame, the titanium frames are the nice choice for you.


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